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Where are you based and how far are you prepared to travel?

Although we are based just south of Durban in Warner beach, we frequently work within a 100km radius of Durban. We do factor in our travel costs into the quote. We are also open to overnight stays or assignments out of town should the client be willing to provide or pay for accommodation.

What equipment do you use?

We use professional level equipment with 4K capabilities. Specialised equipment can be arranged when required.

Do you do photography or drone footage?

These are not an areas we specialise in.

When can we expect our video and in what format?

We have a prompt turn around time and aim to provide you with your final video in digital format or on a USB stick provided by us.

Is the client involved in the edit? Can we make changes?

We encourage as much client input as possible especially early in the process. We value client critiques but we also are confident that you will be happy with our creative take.

Can we choose the music?

Licensing for music is tricky. We pick the music first and the client then has input on the genre of music. All music usage is fully licensed to enable your video to be played across all platforms without the risk of copyright infringements or other ramifications.

How do we book you?

Please email cam@thecamsmith.co.za or use our contact form

What if it rains?

In the event of bad weather, we will discuss postponing the shoot to a convenient time, when possible. We will advise on the best possible day to shoot according to the weather to ensure best production quality. If we cannot postpone, we have full and constant communication with the client before and on the day of the shoot to make sure it is still a success.